If you’ve browsed online slot games on some of the leading online casinos, you might’ve noticed a recurring theme. The theme is rock music and of the famous musicians in that genre. From the early days of online casinos, rock music has been a favourite among game developers. After all, this genre of music and the gambling industry has always had a good connection. 

Many of the top rock musicians have often performed at the casinos. The strong connection between this musical genre and casinos can be seen in the best online casinos. If you want to try out rock slots for free we recommend a visit to Casinos Jungle. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best online slots themed on rock music and rock musicians.

1. Reels of Rock

This online slot game would remind you of the Woodstock music festival. It comes from the game developer, Saucify. You’ll notice one big difference between this online slot and other rock-themed slots. The game is based on the rock music genre and not on a rock album, artist, or song. 

Among the symbols used on the slot’s reels are backstage passes for the Woodstock festival and hippie vans. It would give you the feel of that defining event in the history of popular music. The bonus feature in this game can give you up to 40 free spins. You’ll also get the chance to win more lucrative prizes with the Reel Rockin Tour bonus. 

2. The Rolling Stones

Formed in 1962, The Rolling Stones are a British rock band that continue to charm their fans even today. They are considered among the greatest bands in the world in the rock and roll genre. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that game developers capitalized on their popularity. 

The online slot game ‘The Rolling Stones’ features some of the band’s iconic hits. It has guitars, drum kits, and VIP passes as symbols reflecting its music. The members of the bands appear on the reels as well. Bonus features in this game have been named after the songs and albums of The Rolling Stones.

3. Guns N’ Roses

One of the renowned game developers of online casinos is NetEnt. They’ve come up with several music-themed online slot games over the years. Among them is the Guns N’ Roses online slot. Guns N’ Roses are a Los Angeles based hard rock band. This band was formed in 1985 and continue to make music and entertain fans even to this day. 

The Guns N’ Roses slot game has a host of wild symbols and a bonus feature named ‘Crowd Pleaser’. Besides the free spins, you’ll also find Solo, a random multiplier, in this game. Also available alongside the stacked wilds is a special wild called Appetite for Destruction.

4. Elvis the King Lives

This game takes you back to the roots of rock and roll. It is based on Elvis Presley, who is an iconic figure in the rock and roll genre. He is considered the first true rock star of the world and served as an inspiration for many future stars. ‘Elvis the King Lives’ comes from WMS Gaming. 

The graphics of this game reflect the era of the 1950s, with milk bars and classic jukeboxes. While playing, you’ll also get to hear a lot of Presley’s music. Tunes of Hound Dog and Viva Las Vegas would set the mood for a fantastic gaming experience.

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