Woodstock was a rare occurrence that could only be witnessed once in a lifetime. It has been more than five decades since that magical event happened on a muddy dairy farm. Even today, the influence of this music festival can be seen across the world. The Woodstock Music Festival changed the world in so many different ways! It changed the entire business of live music and inspired millions at the time. 

The music festival wouldn’t have had such a massive impact if it wasn’t caught on film and preserved. It was made into a documentary in 1970, which was partly edited by Martin Scorsese. Many who’ve seen that movie get the feeling that they were at Woodstock. Even after so many years, it still continues to be a source of inspiration for many.

A lesson in harmony

All thanks to events like Woodstock, people discovered the importance of peace and love. This happened during the 1960s when the world was plagued by increasing political violence and cultural upheavals. Just a week before this music festival, some horrific events like the Manson murders had occurred. 

The response was the emergence of a new sense of community and social cohesiveness. Woodstock gave many individuals a reason to believe that a large number of people could come together as one.

A positive effect on the local community

There was a certain degree of animosity towards the festival among the local communities. It was largely owing to the massive crowd of hippies that it attracted. Today, the entire Sullivan County has accepted the legacy. In 2017, the place of the concert was entered into the National Register of Historic Places. 

The members of the local community who were teenagers at the time learned some important lessons. People who had gathered for the music festival were treated well by some of them. Since the hippies didn’t have enough sustenance, some members of the local communities even prepared food for them. 

A standard for modern music festivals

Woodstock was not the first music festival, but it set a new standard for such concerts. It had the largest live audience ever assembled and the largest number of talented performers. The festival also brought together different genres of music, such as rock, folk, country, and soul music genres. 

It proved to the event promoters that if big names were present, a concert can attract significant numbers of people. The audiences of today are always looking for something like this legendary music festival. They want more engaging, collaborative, and inspiring experiences.

The power of music

The extent of pop music’s power was witnessed, perhaps, for the first time by many. Now, the world could no longer ignore the multi-coloured aspect of pop culture. Everyone saw how people were willing to come together despite all the troubles for the sake of music. 

The overwhelming influence of pop music was evident. Some unexpected opportunities surfaced after that massive event and many artists and businesses capitalized on them. In the years that followed, many of the musicians who performed at Woodstock enjoyed a highly successful musical career.

Growth of the youth lifestyle

While this historic event inspired people to engage with others civically, a new lifestyle also emerged. The counterculture’s aesthetic and bohemian lifestyle were reflected in the clothes that the adherents wore. The clothes that one wore became more important than the cause. It was turned into an emerging style and many businesses made enormous profits out of it.

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